Streamlining Commercialisation

What is the META tool?

The Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) tool is an online service designed to optimise the implementation processes of medical technology companies. It provides a gap analysis of your product development plans and the potential next steps to bring a product to market.

Developed by NICE, the META tool is available through select organisations under licence.

Benefits of using the META tool

Using the META tool, our facilitator will make you aware of the evidence that payers, commissioners and investors need in order to understand the value your technology offers to patients and healthcare systems. One of the primary benefits of the META tool analysis is to understand the implications of any gaps in your current evidence base or the evidence you are planning to collect. Knowing this critical information will help you to prioritise investment in your product's development strategy and develop value claims that will stand up to scrutiny (for example, during health technology assessment (HTA) at NICE). There are many other benefits which are explained on the NICE META tool website.

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Bespoke guidance

The latest gap analysis technology

The META tool allows you to understand the level of evidence needed to show your product's value to the NHS and identify any data gaps that may delay your product reaching the market. Not only is META bespoke to the NHS, it can be used at any stage of development of your product.

META has been designed to be a flexible process, usually taking about 4 weeks. Use the button above to contact us to arrange a meeting with our fully trained and licenced facilitator. For more information, and to see how this process can benefit your product, please visit the NICE META Tool website.