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MedTec Consulting Ltd proudly offers this bespoke service designed to expertly streamline your product development

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Medical Device Market Access

MedTec Consulting Ltd offers expert clinical support and business development for medical device companies.

Commercialisation and Training

We have the network of contacts, experience and specialist skills to deliver commercialisation of your product in both the NHS and Private healthcare markets.

Business Development

All backed-up by a team of sales and training professionals with experience across many disciplines who will support you fully throughout the process.


Ultrasound provision for your vascular endovenous lists

Modern surgical techniques are demanding broader technical knowledge from healthcare professionals. Proficiency in the use of ultrasound is quicky moving from a desirable competancy to an essential skill. MedTec Consulting provides services for ultrasound training for healthcare professionals and commercial clients.

Our CASE-accredited vascular sonographer can help you deliver lists, training or both. Some of the expert support we offer:

Ultrasound support for endovenous lists: provide superior levels of assistance to your customers using our sonographer. Need to build in-house ultrasound expertise? Allow MedTec Consulting to deliver ultrasound courses covering the physics of ultrasound and image optimisation – we help our clients develop their ultrasound skills and understanding. As well as ultrasound theory, we provide hands-on, practical training such as practice cannulation on a blue phantom. Our sonographer is equipped with a brand new Phillips Lumify linear probe ultrasound system.

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“I can guarantee that hiring or engaging the services of Dawn Smiles will be one of the best management decisions you will ever make. Her energy, intellect, attention to detail and customer engagement are all without peer. I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with her in the past and I will jump at the opportunity to benefit from her talents in the future."

Mr Jim Taylor, CEO Oraya Therapuetics Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dawn Smiles over the past 7 years and have found her knowledge of both the NHS and the local eye care industry to be deep and wide. Dawn is honest and fair and her work ethic is unparalleled."

Mr Tony Moses, CEO Eyecheck LLC

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